Popolonuovo. A mysterious collective formed by music producers, writers, illustrators, and artists in general. Each track they do is a blend of rave culture and philosophy. The mission is to spread their motto all over the world: “Ogni nuova generazione è un popolo nuovo” (“every new generation is a new community”).
“Generazione Futura” is their debut release.

1st EP “Generazione Futura”

“Generazione Futura” EP

2nd EP “Si vedrà una stella” out on July 2020

The second release of Popolonuovo is scheduled for July 27, the name of the ep will be “Si vedrà una stella” (you will see a star). The release will consist of three pure techno tracks sung in Italian by their singer Tono.

“Si vedrà una stella” EP

Popolonuovo’s graphics are done by the street artist BR1

“Those who protest are beaten and those who shut up suffer, today there is no way not to be slapped! This disturbing magma is the rhythm of our techno, we must dance so that the tribe becomes mass”.