Mangaboo is the project by Giulietta Passera and Francesco Pistoi aka Pisti. From House Music and Jazz to Robert Hood’s techno, through the Mozart’s Requiem.

A vinyl anticipate the new album Autoradio

On the track “Sienteme” Mangaboo collaborated with the exceptional musician Enzo Avitabile, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and Neapolitan singer-songwriter who has warmed up stages all over the world since the seventies.

The collaboration with Enzo Avitabile was born within the Turin Jazz Festival a few years ago, when Pisti together with the producer Hugo created a dense music library sampling the great jazz musicians who passed from the festival stages to their recording room. A place that quickly became an essential meeting point for all musicians during the off-festival moments.

Fringe in the Box, Turin Jazz Festival 2014
Fringe in the Box, Turin Jazz Festival 2014

The lyrics of “Sienteme”, recorded on that occasion and written by Enzo Avitabile, is characterized by a rap metric in Neapolitan dialect alternated by a melodic refrain in griko, an idiom of Hellenic heritage still in use in southern Italy.

“True music has no color, for centuries and centuries when it was only a noise… Africa is approaching Europe, the East wakes up and the West rests”

These lyrics are civil lyrics that more than ever speak to the contemporary world and all the people that have always been in constant movement. All highlighted by a tribal electronic arrangement that leaves little room for the idea of staying still.

Artwork by BR1, vinyl signed and hand-numbered by the artist.

The vinyl “Sienteme” contains the original track and 3 remixes by Fabrizio Maurizi, ulderico tarasconi and East 00155.

“Sienteme” Music Video by Karen film

Production: Karen film
Direction and photography: Alberto Colombo
Executive producer: Tommaso Pellicci
Producer and production manager: Stefano Ottorino
Editing: Luca Garavoglia
Costumes: Ughy, Alex Ruiz Albert
Cast: Ughy, Alex Ruiz Albert, Marco Celle, Rogerio Adriano Dally
Casting director: Martina Mozzillo
Production assistants: Marco Leoniddi, Stefano Bonetto
Camera assistant: Antonello Beghetto

“Martina” the second single extracted from the album Autoradio

After “Sienteme” Mangaboo comes back with the new single “Martina”. This time the Italian duo takes advantage of the voice of the singer Rayna. The track encloses the classic Mangaboo’s signature: oniric atmospheres and rapid pace threaded together with Giulietta Passera majestic vocal timbre.

The atmospheres are warm, sunny, full of that light that we have missed so much during these confused and sedentary months. It’s a song dedicated to awakening, when you abandon the evening and return to the light of day.

The pack includes also a funky-disco flavoured remix from Antenna!

Artwork by BR1.

“Writing Martina we imagined the savannah’s awakening and we put on a beat that reminds us the cyclical nature of the sun during the long southern days. Once the structure and scans were set up, we enriched the piece of African sounds by sampling the sounds and voices of this extraordinary continent”.